Psychotherapy Services

Steps to Resilience was founded on the belief that each of us has the inner strength and knowledge to resolve conflict and enjoy greater closeness with the people who we care about and love.

My goal is to help you move through and beyond your presenting problem.  Life is full of frustrations, crises and challenges- and how you resolve these can move your forward in preferred ways.  For example, does the way you handled a work crisis or relationship challenge leave you hurt, resentful and frustrated?  At Steps to Resilience my goal is to help reduce the negative, undermining  thoughts in your head and help you notice the often overlooked opportunities for positive change.

 What To Expect in Therapy

How do I do that?  At Steps to Resilience I work collaboratively with you to separate out those behaviors and self talks that are getting in the way of your preferred behaviors and self perceptions.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Narrative Therapy techniques are particularly helpful in reducing the unwanted, unhelpful influence of negative thoughts. 

Using a strength-based model, I can help you, your significant other, and your family to re-connect to the strengths of your relationships, to work together to resolve the presenting problem, to reduce the behaviors that sabotage closeness, and to strengthen your ability to solve problems.

Located in NYC, New York

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“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”
~ Viktor E. Frankl

Individual Therapy:

  • Feeling generally unhappy but not sure why?
  • Worry or self- doubt got the best of you?
  • Anger and frustration defining your relationship to yourself and others?
  • Not sure where you are going in your life?

Having someone listen carefully to your concerns and help you formulate initial goals and practical steps to reaching those goals is just the beginning.


I can will help you separate yourself from the problem and get back in charge of how you want things to be.

Child and Family Therapy:

  • Worried that you can’t seem to really talk to your children?
  • Is your child typically anxious, depressed or angry?
  • Anger and frustration running the household instead of the adults?
  • Adult child at home and it feels like freeloading?

Family therapy provides the unique opportunity for family members to work together to solve problems. With therapeutic support, family members can really listen to each other’s thoughts and feelings and find ways to team up to support each other against the influence of the problem.   Children can be seen individually, but the family will be included in the treatment.

Couples Therapy:

  • Frustrated and angry at your spouse/significant other?
  • Spouse/significant other distant and unresponsive?
  • Feeling depressed or disappointed in relationship?
  • Wish you had more time and/or more passion in relationship?

Stress, time pressure, work and professional commitments, children all pull at a couple’s relationship. Texting not talking, arguing not listening and soon you feel like your relationship is slipping away.  Couple therapy can help you both listen better and reignite that closeness and emotional intimacy you long for with each other.