Frequently asked questions about individual, couple and family therapy:

1.     I know we have a family problem but my child refuses to come in with us?

That’s OK- come in without your child initially.  We’ll discuss the issues in that first session and strategize together about how to include your child whether s/he appears in session or not. Just because your child is not in the room does not mean s/he is not part of the treatment.

2.    I am so angry at my spouse I don’t want him/her to come in with me.

It would be better if you could invite your spouse into the first session even if you are angry. That way you both start working together to make things better-right from the beginning. However, if that feels impossible- come alone and we’ll work on moving that anger aside so you can invite him/her to the next session.

3.    My child is 17 and wants individual therapy.  I want him to have private sessions, no family therapy.  OK?

You are welcome to bring your child for individual sessions, however, I will encourage your child to invite you into the sessions as treatment progresses so you can be informed and a positive resource. Confidentiality is required, therefore your child can only be encouraged to include you. Confidentiality does not apply to issues of abuse or danger to self or others.

 4.    My child has a psychiatrist and other services.  Will you coordinate care?

Yes, once a release of information form is signed I will speak with the other professionals involved.

 5.    How long does therapy take? 

Depends on how long it takes to solve the problem you came in to solve.

Payment and Fees

1. Do you accept insurance?

I am an in-network provider with Aetna and Cigna. For all other insurances, please check you out-of-network benefit schedule to determine if your provider will reimburse of out-of-network psychotherapy sessions.

2. What are your fees?

Fees are $150/session. I do reserve a few spaces for clients in need of a sliding scale so please inquire as to the availability of these appointments.


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