Family Therapy

Families come into therapy typically because they are worried about a family member.

Sometimes they sound angry or mean, or hopeless and “don’t know what to do”, or sometimes family members blame one person for the problem. But underneath the anger, blame, or hopelessness is a great deal of caring.  Family therapy uses the strength of that caring to help solve problems.

Family Therapy in New York City, New York

Family Therapy Midtown NYCYou may be seeking therapy because your child or children are  “causing trouble in the family”.  Child centered problems often presented in family therapy include: underperforming academically, not listening or not following or respecting family rules, and getting in trouble at school or home.  Sometimes the family’s problem solving skills worked well for one child, but work less well for the other child who has ADHD or autism spectrum challenges.  Step or blended families can struggle through the process of integrating different parenting styles and new sibling relationships.  Each family’s problems are unique and the steps to resolve the problem will reflect your family’s unique strengths.


Family relationships are complicated, and I have many years of experience working with families and their problems.  Using theory and techniques drawn from narrative and solution focused therapy; your family will reconnect in positive ways that will help you to move through the problem(s) to your preferred way of being a being a family.

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