Couple Therapy

Couples often seek help when frustration, anger and hopelessness are overwhelming the relationship.   I will work with you to diffuse the anger and bitterness so you can reconnect to the caring, kindness and love that facilitates open and honest communication.  When a couple communicates openly and honestly with each other, they create the opportunity for meaningful relationship change.

Couples Therapy Can Help

couple therapy midtown nycCouples therapy is not easy, but it is always thought provoking and emotionally engaging as you grow to understand the feelings and thoughts reflected in your own behavior and of your significant other. The process of good couple’s therapy comes from moving from understanding to action; working together with your partner you begin to speak and interact in ways that are more genuine, caring and understanding.


While couples therapy traditionally focuses on helping a couple stay together, sometimes one or both of the couple is no longer invested in remaining a couple. Therapy can be very helpful in helping couples separate while preserving dignity, self- esteem and a good working relationship, which is so important when children are involved. As your couples therapist, I will be an active and engaged listener who will support and challenge you and your partner to engage in the emotional work needed to achieve your goals.


“There are many ways of getting strong, sometimes talking is the best way.”

Andre Agassi, retired world champion tennis player.


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