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Steps to Resilience, founded by Juliet Melamid, LMFT, is
a private practice located in New York City.

Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy


Life is full of unplanned and unwanted events. Each of us brings a unique set of strengths and resources to get us through those tough times. Sometimes, those strengths and resources can become undermined or overwhelmed by self-doubt, anger, sadness or anxiety. During these times, psychotherapy can be beneficial to helping you through.

I can help:

  • Reduce feelings of self -doubt and anxiety
  • Increase trust, openness and honesty in relationships
  • Strengthen couple and family relationships
  • Improve problem solving

Social Skills Groups for Adults



Adults who feel socially isolated, bewildered or intimidated in work and social settings can develop the necessary skills to become more effective with colleagues and managers.


I can help you:

  • Reduce social isolation or discomfort
  • Increase feelings of social self confidence
  • Improve conversation skills and social skills
  • Improve your ability to make and keep friends

Psychotherapy for Children, Teens, and Young Adults:

Counseling for young adults nyc

Youth today face challenges that are different from previous generations.  The standards for “good enough” seem to get higher and harder every year, and goals parents have for their children may not correspond to the goals held by their teens and young adults.  Neurological and developmental issues add significant challenges.


I Can Help You or Your Child:

  • Reduce anxiety and frustration.
  • Formulate obtainable and satisfying goals.
  • Build resilience and self- reliance.
  • Create and maintain healthy relationships.

Located in New York City, New York…

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Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy in NYC

Office Locations:

1225 Park Ave
Suite 1A
New York, NY 10128
303 Fifth Ave
Suite 1003
New York, NY 10016

Phone Juliet at: (717)-983-8855

Steps to Resilience is located in NYC, New York.

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